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Group of women in a fitness class

Why Choose Group Fitness?

It’s a common question, why should I go to class when I can workout on my own? There are so many reasons to give group fitness classes a go, but at the top of the list is because they’re fun! Group classes offer a great place to work on your physical fitness, but also help to build our support systems. Start attending any class and you’ll find great groups of friends who enjoy the time together with the added benefit of health. Coming into a class even as a new member is a breeze… you already have one thing in common with everyone there, a shared desire to improve your health.

Working out on your own can make finding an excuse to skip a workout much easier than skipping a class where your friends are expecting you. Accountability is a great added benefit to attending group fitness classes. Also knowing that you get to check in with your friends while you’re there can motivate you to show up on those days when a nap is calling you. Not only do our friends motivate us to show up; they also motivate us to work harder! Group exercise helps increase both internal and external competitive performance meaning that when we have someone working out next to us, we will strive to work at our peak performance level. This competitive nature can help us reach our goals in a fun way as long as we are being safe while doing so.

Safety is an important, often overlooked, benefit of group fitness. Each class has a dedicated instructor whose goal is to ensure you not only get a great workout, but that you do so in a safe way. They will help ensure you are using the correct form, utilizing equipment in a safe way, and will offer modifications as needed. Each class is designed with a vast array of members in mind and can be modified to suit any fitness level. If you are unsure of a specific class, feel free to reach out to the Group Fitness Manager or any instructor for more information.

My favorite response to why do you love group fitness is because “I don’t have to think about anything, I just get to work out.” When you workout on your own it’s your responsibility to choose the exercise, the weight, the intensity, and the duration among other things like will the kids come in the room a million times to interrupt… show up to a group fitness class and all you have to do is follow the leader! The class is planned and ready to roll, the distractions will be limited, and you can get into the zone and actually enjoy the work!

We all know the benefits of regular exercise including things like improved strength and mobility and improved cardiovascular fitness. However, the added benefits also include things like better sleep, improved mood, boosted energy, and reduced stress levels. Working out releases endorphins which make us feel good! Being in a group just makes all those benefits the icing on the cake! We can’t wait to welcome you into any class, check out our app for a list of all offerings in the metro area.

Anna Stech, Armbrust YMCA Group Fitness Manager