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Young girl sitting on the edge of a pool

Dive Into Water Safety! 


As the summer sun beckons us to the water's edge, it's vital to arm ourselves with the knowledge and skills to stay safe. Join me as we explore essential tips and tricks for a fun and secure aquatic experience this season! 


1. Swimming Supervision and Buddies: 

When it comes to water safety, the buddy system is your best friend! Whether you're dipping into a pool, lake, or ocean, always bring a swimming buddy along. Even proficient swimmers can encounter unexpected challenges. If you're taking kids for a splash, parental supervision is non-negotiable. Keep a watchful eye, especially in open waters, and remember, lifeguards are there to support everyone's safety, but they can't replace vigilant parental care. 


2. Learn to Swim: 

Swimming isn't just a hobby; it's a life-saving skill. Did you know that drowning claims thousands of lives each year, with children being particularly vulnerable? But fear not! You can significantly reduce these risks by learning to swim. Enroll yourself or your little ones in swimming lessons early on – starting from as young as 6 months old! Practice regularly, not just during lessons, but also during everyday activities like bath time. And if the cost of lessons is a concern, reach out to the YMCA for financial assistance opportunities. 


3. CPR Certification: 

One of the most valuable skills you can possess, especially in aquatic environments, is CPR certification. CPR can mean the difference between life and death in water-related emergencies. By becoming CPR certified, you gain the knowledge and confidence to respond effectively in critical situations, such as near-drownings or cardiac events. Additionally, CPR certification courses often include instruction on using automated external defibrillators (AEDs), further enhancing your ability to provide immediate assistance in emergencies. Check with your local YMCA to find CPR certification courses near you. Remember, being prepared saves lives! 


Let's make a splash safely this summer! Remember, with proper supervision, swimming skills, and a dash of precaution, your aquatic adventures can be both thrilling and secure. So, grab your swimsuit, gather your buddies, and dive in – the water's fine when you're water-wise!


Carter F., Maple Street YMCA Aquatics Director

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