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Summer is almost here to greet us with its sunshine, the smell of sunscreen, and warmer weather! Summer is usually the time of the year that is most memorable for vacations, fun, longer days and new adventures. It gives plenty of time to enjoy outdoor activities, work on adventurous imaginations and more physical activity!


Some of my fondest summer memories, as a child, were being able to attend summer camps where I not only got to be with my friends, but I was also able to meet new friends! This is where I was able to learn new lifelong skills, learn new games that helped me out of my comfort zone, and now skills that I am able to teach others. I remember being a part of an arts and craft group to where I was able to put projects together for the whole camp and how exciting it was to be able to execute the project with peers that we could share with others.


Summer provides a great opportunity to engage in fun activities like summer day camps that provide lifelong friends, STEAM activities, exercise classes, large motor skills, swimming, and so much more! Camps also help provide children the opportunity to find new interests, develop social skills, and helps them become much more independent.


Summer day camps help bridge the gap with learning loss by providing educational and physical activities throughout the summer. An estimated 2.6 months of learning loss can be expected during the summer off months of school. However, learning loss can be prevented by the help of summer full day camps, part time camps, and enrichment camps. These can help keep children on track for the following school year to come.


Although we know how beneficial technology can be, camps give the opportunity to have a technology break. Summer is the best time to provide technology breaks and overall help boost mental health. Providing the opportunity away from electronics can help recharge those creativity and spark those incredible imaginations!


Summer day camp provides an overall lifetime experience with friendships that last forever. Skills and tools for the future, confidence, happiness, and overall incredible memories!

-Sabrina Stevens, Charles E. Lakin YMCA Youth & Family Director

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I'm Sabrina Stevens, Youth and Family Director at Charles E Lakin YMCA. I am going into my 4th year as a camp director and enjoy the unique challenges it brings every year! I am a mother to three incredible, witty and silly children. I enjoy being outdoors any chance that I get, whether that is hiking, running, gardening or just relaxing in the sun, that is what I love.