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Ballroom dance band

Benefits of Ballroom Dancing 

Dance for fitness, dance for fun! Ballroom dancing is the perfect combination of fun, physical activity and mental stimulation that provides positive benefits for the spirit, mind and body.

It is great exercise: Dance provides a wide spectrum of benefits to your physical health. Dancing can strengthen muscles and joints. Your stamina and flexibility will improve. Dance provides cardiovascular fitness and burns calories. Overall physical endurance may improve by dancing as well.  

It is uplifting and fun: The live music from local orchestras is fun and energizing and sure to bring a smile to your face. The music and dances are mood and spirit lifters. Fellowship with other dancers and connecting with your partner while dancing is another great benefit. Ballroom dancing is a great way to build connections in a low-key and fun environment. 

It is good for the mind: Dancing keeps your brain engaged by learning rhythms, steps and encourages you to keep up with the beat of the different types of music. Dancing can reduce stress, increase alertness, enhance concentration and improve focus. 

The YMCA Healthy Living Center ballroom dance program provides wonderful music from live local orchestras. Tango, Rumba, Fox Trot, Waltz and Swing are a few dances that can be seen on the ballroom floor. Not sure how to get started?-- just come and give it a try! For more information and a schedule please contact YMCA Healthy Living Center Membership Director, Rochelle Borgaila at

Put on your dancing shoes and let's Cha Cha! 

People ballroom dancing