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Welcome to the YMCA of Greater Omaha's Campaigner Zone headquarters! During our 2022 YMCA Strong Communities Campaign we are HERE FOR GOOD! Here's how YOU can make a difference in our metro, today.


Join us and do good in the community. Thank you for your time and effort in supporting the 2022 Strong Communities Campaign! Together, we truly make a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve.


Check out our fundraising materials and campaigner guide with best practices proven to engage, excite and ultimately unite our members, donors and community!  


  Download the Campaigner Guide Handbook



2022 Email Signature 1     2022 Email Signature 2

How to use an email signature in Outlook:

  1. Click on the links above to open the image and right click to save to your computer (DO NOT screenshot!)
  2. Open a new email in Outlook
  3. Click on signatures, then Edit Signatures
  4. Click on an already created signature and copy the text
  5. Click the + sign to make a new signature and rename
  6. Paste in your text and hit enter to create a space below the text
  7. Insert the jpg of your chosen SCC image
  8. Right click on the image and hyperlink to
  9. Save and set the new signature as your chosen one


2022 Strong Communities Campaign Brochure

2022 Pledge Card

Digital Donor Board flier

If you need campaign brochures or blank pledge cards, please contact the Financial Development office.



Background 1: Blue     Background 2: Green

Background 3: Purple     



  1. Open your Zoom app
  2. Open your settings in Zoom by clicking on your initials in the upper right hand corner and click on Settings
  3. Click on Backgrounds & Filters
  4. Upload your background image using the + sign
  5. Select your background
  6. Please note: if you click the "Mirror my video" box, the background will appear backwards to you, but will look normal to viewers. If you do not click "Mirror my video," the background will look correct for you AND the viewers.
  7. Please note: DO NOT SCREENSHOT the backgrounds. Right click and save to your computer as a jpg.

Contact the Financial Development Office:

Tera Thomas: Vice President of Advancement

Jennifer Johnson: Mission Advancement Administrator