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Our community impact ensures every child, family and community has what they need.

For more than 150 years we’ve served Omaha. We understand the challenges that keep individuals from reaching their full potential and respond with services and support which help people to be self-reliant, productive and connected to the community. Here in the Omaha metro community the YMCA of Greater Omaha provides support through focused services. We are here to raise child welfare, community health, classroom readiness, and quality of life.

The metro Omaha area is a unique, diverse, and growing community. Though our city is developing, we continue to face challenges that create a greater need than ever for the YMCA. Vulnerable communities see increased poverty, leaving many families unable to provide for themselves. Low-income youth miss participating in team-building sports. Young children lack educational development for future success. Families are unable to focus on healthy lifestyles.
But where society falls short, the YMCA of Greater Omaha steps in.