Plan your time at the YMCA

Swim lessons, sports, tumbling, personal training, even birthday parties – we have something for everyone at the YMCA! Plan your time at the Y with the help of our planning guides, an easy-to-read printable guide to YMCA programs.

Below are our ten YMCAs and their planning guides, by department. Remember, if you’re member at one, you’re a member at all our YMCA locations!

YMCA Planning Guides for the second Fall 2019 Session are now available!

Second Fall 2019 Session registration opens October 14 for members and October 18 for non members. Session dates: October 27-December 21, 2019.

Upcoming session dates: First Winter 2020 Session: January 5-February 15, 2020. Registration will open on December 9 for members and December 13 for non members. Planning Guides for the First Winter 2020 Session will be available on Wednesday, December 4.

Fall Basketball will kick off on October 26. Iowa will also have a fall Volleyball league. Nebraska & Iowa sports information can be found below. Registration runs September 2-21.

Register online or at any Y location.

Winter 2020 Youth Basketball information will be available on October 22. Registration will open on November 4. 

How do I sign up for a program at the YMCA?

You can register online or in person at any of our 10 YMCAs with the help of our friendly Welcome Center team.

Many of our programs,  including swim lessons and tumbling, follow 8 week sessions. Others, including personal training and early childhood programs, may follow weekly or monthly schedules and are indicated as such in the program guides. Our sports seasons can be found here.

If you ever have questions, call, stop in and ask! We’re always here to help.

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