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About Adaptive Swim Lessons

Learning to swim is a skill everyone can learn no matter what their abilities.

Our program is designed by an Occupational Therapist and instructors go through specific training in order to better understand and meet your swimmer’s needs. Lessons take place in either a group with a max of three participants or on an individual basis ranging from the ages of 2+. Levels in the adaptive program are based on the YMCA Swim curriculum but broken down into easier to achieve goals to better match your diverse swimmers physical, cognitive, and sensory abilities to promote success and enjoyment in the water. During our swim lessons, participants learn basic water safety, water acclimation, independent floating, breath control, basic paddling, stroke techniques for swimming on the front and back, object retrieval and more in while helping you and your child to feel confident with them in the water. Not only that but participation in aquatic programming can help to increase your swimmers social skills, coordination, overall strength, sensory processing, endurance, and range of motion.

Each session follows the typical swim session program and consists of 6 lessons lasting 30 minutes over the course of 6 weeks. Prior to the start of each session, we ask that you and your swimmer participate in an assessment event in which you and your swimmer come to the location and meet with the program director to fill out a form that provides us with more information about the swimmer and their specific needs in order for the instructor to better prep for lessons and place the swimmer at the appropriate level. This evaluation takes approximately 30 minutes and should be completed prior to the first lesson.


For more information and to answer any questions or concerns, please contact Sarah Pecor.

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