Active Older Adults

A supportive community is a big part of a healthy mind and body. At every age and every level of activity, you’ll find people just like you looking to live a little bit healthier. Whether it’s a brisk walk in the morning or more involved actives like swimming or aerobics, just a little bit of exercise a day can help you fight disease and improve your stress levels and mood. Exercising in groups can help you make some new friends and have fun while leading to a more fit and healthy lifestyle for years to come.

At the Y, we offer a variety of exercise classes for seniors, allowing groups to socialize and stay active. Members and program participants often cite the support and enthusiasm of fellow participants and staff as some of the key factors in their achievement of greater well-being. From low-impact exercise and chair classes, stretching and strength-training to indoor cycling, water aerobics, and yoga, you’ll find a group exercise class for seniors and active older adults that’s fun, supportive and keeps you moving.

The YMCA offers:

    • Water Aerobics
    • Aqua Fitness
    • Chair Pliates
    • Tai Chi