What’s Cooking?

Hi all,

One of the things that I absolutely love to do and make a priority every day is to cook for my family.  The opportunities to continue doing that this past week have been great. I will say the challenge of creating something new and exciting that EVERYONE in my house will like is a bit complex.

So like any good mom, I make the decision for everyone…LOL. I worry about my kids’ intake of fruits and veggies.  They fuss, complain and bargain to find their way out of eating the healthy stuff on their plate/bowl.  I hold firm to my commitment to their health and my commitment to cook only one meal a night.

We eat a LOT of plants around here…last night it was this awesome Lentil Soup from Cooking Classy.  It’s super affordable to make and it’s packed with color and flavor.  You can find the recipe here: https://www.cookingclassy.com/italian-vegetable-lentil-soup/

As we look ahead at a few more weeks of social distancing and working from home, I encourage you to dust off some of those recipes that you really like.  The ones that are a true ‘labor of love’ due to the time required to prepare them.  Then sit down with your whole family.  During ‘normal’ times, we spend a lot of time collectively complaining about the constant demands on our time due to work, sport, and social events. Why not use this time to reconnect to our kids, spouses, and ‘lost’ practices-like Family Dinner?

In Good Health (with lots of veggies),