SMART Sunday! 

Hey YMCA Family!

How are you doing this week? The weather has been an amazing gift this past week. I hope you found ways to take advantage of the warmer temps and the sunshine.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing with you the ups and downs I have experienced during our shutdown. These SMART Sunday posts have been a great tool for me to reflect on my own behaviors and I hope they have been a place for you to feel encouraged as well.  This week, I want to build a bit more on last week’s lesson around Positive Psychology and focus most importantly on Positive Self Talk.

One of last Sunday’s weekly goals for myself:

  • Get outside and run 3 times for a minimum of 30 minutes.

It’s a pretty straightforward goal and one that is very relevant for me as I am registered for a half marathon in December. About halfway through my second run of the week, I looked at my watch and noticed that my pace was considerably slower than my best ever race pace. I felt so defeated….as I was walking in the door from that run, I received a text notification from my best friend. She was sharing her stats from her run that day with me.  She was beating herself up with similar words—it wasn’t as far as she used to run, it wasn’t as fast as she used to be.

I felt so incredibly sad for her in that moment and for myself as well. Running is new (again) for both of us. The past results we were comparing ourselves to were from times when we had been training regularly for months. I made sure to encourage her efforts and commitment. It also gave me a moment of pause and a reminder that we need to be kind to ourselves—especially now or anytime we’re taking on a new challenge. I wouldn’t allow my best friend to talk poorly about herself—why was I doing the same in my own internal dialogue?

My conversation in my head during run #3 was different—I didn’t look at my pace, I focused on my feet moving, I focused on the way the sun felt on my skin, I focused on the fact that I was achieving my goal! The pride I felt as I walked up my driveway was amazing.

As you look to set your goals for the week, think about where you want to be in 6-12 months and set a small goal to get you there. Make it achievable, make it relevant—and most importantly, when you achieve it, celebrate it & share it!

In Good Health, Theresa