SMART Sunday! 

Hello all!

We are so excited to be offering the Y Weight Loss Program in a virtual format starting this week. Our members heard about this program via digital newsletter and Facebook.  The response to this offering was amazing—there are over 70 people registered.

While not everyone has a goal of losing weight, this program is important in our current environment for many reasons.  One, it requires individuals to focus on elements of their environment that support their health and weight loss.  Many of us have had a lot of time at home in the current situation—what things have you noticed that have helped or hindered you in healthy behaviors while home?  Two, it highlights the need for tracking of food intake and physical activity.  Tracking is a bit overwhelming at first. Keeping a solid record of both of the listed items will truly give you a better picture of how your weight can fluctuate if either of those two things is out of alignment.

As we start to see signs of a new ‘normal’ emerging for our world, I would ask you to reflect on the time we have had at home.  What good behaviors have you picked up during this time that are serving you well? What poor behaviors have you leaned on to help you cope with the stress, boredom, or changes that are damaging your health?  If you aren’t sure take the next week to track what you are eating, how much physical activity you are completing, and how you feel at the end of each day.  Then look at the numbers on the scale or tune into your energy levels—are those things in a place where you feel good or event great?

We all have time to focus on our health right now—it’s a precious gift that we do have some control over—what do you want your health to look like?

Wishing you a healthy, happy week!