SMART Sunday! 

Hello Y Friends!

I hope you are finding safe and fun ways to kick off the official start to summer this weekend.  We have spent the last 10+ weeks adjusting to the changes placed on us in order to help keep others safe and minimize the impact on our healthcare system.  As the shift from school to ‘summer’ starts, I encourage you to find a fun way to commemorate this weekend despite the ‘Groundhog’s Day’-type feel our lives have started to experience.

When I asked my teen about his ideal weekend he mentioned grilling, hot dogs, and swimming—although the swimming piece could be a challenge since pools are not open, we can certainly grill and have a water gun fight.  Our kids have shown a great resilience during this time. Let’s allow them to take the lead on family fun this weekend—be silly, draw on the sidewalk, play with the water balloons!

Our world is slowly starting to return to normal, why not take the time and really enjoy your family before the demands of the ‘normal’ world return.  Dinners with my family, walks with my husband, and time spent chatting on the phone were things that did not happen often enough in my pre-COVID World.  These last 10 weeks have given me the greatest chance to enjoy the simple things in life.

Enjoy the weekend friends-keep it simple, keep it fun!

Happy Summer!