SMART Sunday! 

Hello Y Friends,

Our Virtual Y Weight Loss program took time this week to talk about environment and routine and how those things can influence your weight loss goals.  This week our external environment wasn’t the best for getting outside to exercise.  The unpredictability of the weather, much like the unknowns of coronavirus, can be a challenge when trying to stick to healthy behaviors.

While we have been away from the Y over the last 8 weeks, I hope you have been able to take time and create some new, healthy behaviors.  If you have been struggling to maintain a healthy mindset, I want to encourage you to start to make steps back to normal.  One of the most powerful things you can do to become more aware of your behaviors is to track it—your food intake, your exercise routine, your finances, your sleep patterns—all of these things can be positively impacted by tracking.  Use an app or a simple notebook and start to take control of your choices.  Write down (record) everything—some of the most amazing ah-ha moments from our participants came when they said, “since I knew I had to write it down, I didn’t want to eat it” or “writing it down really helped me to be aware of my portion size”.

Control of our external environment isn’t a luxury most of us have these days, but choices around our food intake, physical activity are well within our control.  Nourish your body with plenty of healthy food, good sleep, and physical activity that you enjoy.  Your body will thank you and you will be setting a great example to those around you.

Looking forward to connecting with you all in person again soon.

Best, Theresa