SMART Sunday – Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day Y Moms!

While the traditional ways of celebrating Mother’s Day may be somewhat altered due to the coronavirus pandemic, I hope you are finding ways to make special memories today with your children.

During the last 8 weeks the role of mom has expanded so much more for many of us as we have brought our kids home to learn while trying to juggle the other demands in our life.  For some of you this shutdown has brought unfathomable stress due to financial, health, and employment concerns, for others this time has brought you a freedom from the demands of running kids to a multitude of practices and events, which ever situation you find yourself in during this time I hope you can celebrate today.

I think we can all agree that being a mom is a hard job-but one that has brought unlimited joy to your life as well.  Today, despite the craziness in this world, I encourage you to let the dishes go, forget about the laundry, and soak up this time with your kids. We are slowly returning to normal; businesses are opening, restrictions are being lifted, and activities will soon return. Take this Mother’s Day to honor the kids who bestowed upon you the title—their world has been altered too. Ask yourself “What great memories do I want my kids to have from this time?”, “What example do I want to show my kids for dealing with hard situations?”

Moms, I wish you the best day. Celebrate your role, celebrate your kids—we’re making it through some really tough stuff.  Happy Mother’s Day.

All the best, Theresa


Happy Mother’s Day Y Moms!

Mother’s Day may look a little different this year due to the pandemic. However, I hope you are finding ways to still make those lasting memories with the ones you love!

When I think of Mother’s Day, I reflect on all the mothers in my life. My mom for raising me, my grandma who spoils me, my wife who does it all and all the women around me that have made so many sacrifices for those that they love. During the last 8 weeks the role of mom has turned into so many different hats from the principle, to the PE teacher, while our kids have been home. For some of us the virus and the overall unknown has caused stress, whether it’s financial, health and/or anxiety. As a son, grandson, husband and father, I can tell you that Moms are the glue that hold everything together during times like this. It’s a selfless duty, but my hat is off to each and every Mother out there on this special day. Mothers don’t always get the recognition they deserve and to be honest, one day is not enough, it should be every day of the year.

This day is for you Mothers. Enjoy a day of relaxing, family, go for a walk, skip the dishes and laundry today, you deserve it. Slowly, we are getting back to a new normal and I encourage you to cherish and remember the time you have with your kids.

I know I don’t say it enough but THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO. WE LOVE YOU. 

Moms, I wish you the best day.  Celebrate your role, celebrate your kids—we’re making it through some really tough stuff.


Happy Mother’s Day,

Brandon Brugger, Downtown YMCA Executive Director