Savvy Nutrition!

Nutrition is defined as the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. What are the right foods to choose?

Here are a few tips to help you navigate highly colored and well-sourced foods:

  1. Fill your grocery cart from the perimeter of the grocery store.
  2. Pick foods with lots of colors.
  3. Eat as few foods as possible that come in “wrappers” – if it crinkles, read the label.
  4. Drink water. Every day.
  5. Eat vegetables at breakfast.
  6. Meal plan and prep.
  7. If you need to change some things in your diet, start small.
  8. Need to eat out at a fast food restaurant? What are other choices on their menu that offer better options?
  9. Breathe. We are looking for long lasting decisions to healthier choices, not a few months’ worth of good food and then back to unhealthier choices/habits. Stick to smaller changes and if a birthday party rolls around, have the cake, it’s ok! Enjoy the moment. Then continue on with your healthy choices.

Remember food is an experience. It’s wrapped up in our culture, in our everyday lives, it’s your source of energy, vitamins, minerals, and so on. Food is the fuel your body needs to do your everyday life and the exercise that is contained within it!

Michelle Williamson, Group Fitness Manager at the Sarpy YMCA