No Gym, No Problem!

With these unpredicted times and no access to the gym or classes, we can still workout! But who said you absolutely needed a gym to get movement? You do not! You also do not HAVE to do 30 minutes everyday. Incorporating bouts of 10 minutes here and there during your day may actually prove to be better overall!

How can we do this? Set 2-3 specific times in your day, just like you would an appointment phone call or meeting and do ten minutes of movement. Here listed are three examples of those bouts of ten minutes!

SET ONE OF MOVEMENT: Do the following, 10 reps each, repeat as necessary

  1. Chair Squats
  2. Push ups
  3. Sofa Tricep Dips
  4. Planks (1 minute)
  5. Jumping Jacks or Jack taps
  6. Roll ups
  7. Step out side lunges
  8. Inch worm (start with feet underneath shoulders, reach hands to the floor and walk out to a plank, then reverse) Or you can do a full Burpee!
  9. Butt kicks
  10. Bird Dog


In case you thought you didn’t have time to get some much needed spring cleaning, this is ALSO GREAT MOVEMENT! Set the timer for ten (or twenty) minutes and complete the following.


  1. Vacuum one or two rooms
  2. Clean all toilets
  3. Wipe/Clean off counter tops in kitchen and bathroom
  4. Organize coat closet or boot room
  5. Organize spice cabinet or baking cabinet
  6. Cut up all fruit or vegetable and place them into jars for the refrigerator, that way they’re ready to eat!
  7. Fold all the laundry while standing!
  8. Clean off/dust ceiling fans
  9. Hand wash dishes
  10. Organize cleaning supplies


SET THREE OF MOVEMENT: If weather allows, take a lap around the neighborhood, the boost of fresh air will do wonders for you!

Emmy Smith, Health & Wellness Director at the Maple Street YMCA