Modification Monday!

Hello All!

Modification Monday—I feel like our whole month has been a modification—a modification from the normal in the way we exercise, work, and socialize.

Today and every Monday until we open our doors back up for regular business, the Health and Wellness team is going to share Modifications with you for your fitness routine.  This week it’s about recognizing the tools we have in our homes to create a great workout without having the traditional strength training tools that are available to us when we are at the Y.

What can you use that you have on hand in your home to maintain your level of fitness until we’re back together again?

  1. Gallon sized jug of water—a gallon of water weighs a bit over 8 pounds. You can use the water jug for bent over rows, squats or walking lunges
  2. Paper plates-Paper plates are a great tool to use to smooth out movements-think reverse lunges, lateral lunges, or mountain climbers. Make sure you keep one foot firmly planted on the ground
  3. Chairs-a sturdy kitchen chair can be used for tricep dips, step ups or push-ups.

Hopefully, these modifications will help you think creatively about the tools you have in your home and help you stay on track with your fitness goals.

In good health,