Managing Stress

Hi Y Family,

Today’s note comes to you with some encouragement to recognize that we are dealing with a very STRESSFUL time.  Many of us have questions regarding employment, health, finances, and a timeline for a return to normal.  The lack of answers to those questions can create a variety of emotions and with those emotions a variety of responses in our bodies and in our interactions.

Repeatedly we have heard that exercise is important in dealing with stress.  If you are not making time for exercise, right now I highly encourage you to find some sort of healthy activity that helps you manage stress.  The online resources are numerous, from a relaxing yoga class to a super sweaty HIIT workout you should be able to find a workout that meets your needs.

What happens when a workout session doesn’t help you manage stress? Below are a few recommendations to work through these less than ideal circumstances:


Get a change of scenery—we’re all working through social distancing and recommendations to stay at home but try taking a walk around your neighborhood, or moving to a different room in your house.

Take a moment by yourself—many of us are staying at home more than usual these days and spending more time than we are used to with our families and loved ones. This time is definitely a gift but it’s important to recognize that we all need a little space.  Allow yourself and your family members the opportunity to breathe a little on their own while exercising, listening to a podcast, or reading a book.

Pick up the phone—our social media feeds are jam packed with interactions right now of the virtual variety. Connect with someone you haven’t chatted with in a while—chances are they are experiencing the same frustrations you are but maybe their outlook is a bit different than yours and can help you gain some perspectiv

Practice gratitude—spend 5-10 minutes everyday reflecting on the things that you can be grateful for in this stressful time.

Recognize when you need help and ask for it– None of us have ever experienced a disruption of this magnitude in our daily life. When none of the above work and you find yourself regularly losing sleep, eating or drinking to excess, or negatively interacting with others, it’s important to reach out to professionals.

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