Kyaw Tun Kyi’s Storty

Kyaw Tun Kyi was born in a refugee camp in Thailand, where his parents had already been living for about 10 years after fleeing persecution in Burma. In 2012 the family was resettled as refugees in Omaha and Kyaw Tun Kyi began attending Ready in Five in 2013 at the age of three. Although Kyaw Tun Kyi had excellent attendance, Ready in Five staff felt he needed a little extra help to prepare for kindergarten so a staff member began meeting with him individually each week.

After a few months of tutoring Kyaw Tun Kyi now knows all of the colors, some shapes, can count to ten, and has begun to write his name. He shows much more interest in learning and proudly picks out the first letters of his family members’ names. With the help of Ready in Five, Kyaw Tun Kyi will enter kindergarten prepared to keep learning.